Friday, May 9, 2014

We're back!!!

It's been almost three (3) years since I last updated this blog. Glad to finally be back to blogging. Plus, hubby will be joining me in updating this blog. Isn't that cool? :-)

So what happened these past years?

1. We are blessed with some trips/travel.
Hongkong & Macau - August 2012

Bohol - Nov 2012

Cebu - April 2014

2. We also attended Couple's Getaway (Love Will Keep Us Together) on Oct 2012.

3. We have volunteered in VCF-Alabang Kid's Church.
4. We're blessed to be able to buy our reliable car - "Faith"

But life isn't full of sunshine or a bed of roses for us. We've also experienced some pains....
1. My dad returned home to his Creator on 18 Nov 2011, 2days short for his 91st bday and our 1st wedding anniversary. Oh I miss you daddy!

2. My bro-in-law Pao (Hubby's bro) suffered from Guillain Barre Syndrome on Nov 2013. He's still recovering and even with his hands still stiffed and still on a wheel chair he made this wonderful "eye" piece.

With all that happened to us, we still thank and praise God and we're looking forward to whatever is in store for us the coming days.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding Thingies

It's been months ago since I last wrote an entry in this blog. Sorry. :-(

Since our wedding anniversary is only a month away, I've decided to post a group picture of my wedding paraphernalia. 

Okey, let's have a quick run-through of all the items (from bottom).
1. Butterfly wings for my Flower Girls - we bought them in Divisoria
2. Secondary Veil (bottom left) - c/o Emil Ocampo
3. Bridal Car Flowers - I specifically requested yellow button mums shaped in letters S and F c/o Vatel Manila
4. Secondary Candles - decoration c/o Hubby Stan
5. Matches - got them from Rustans, decoration c/o Hubby Stan
6. Gift Stickers - layout and printing c/o Hubby Stan
7. Personalized Chocolates - from Rachebeli, layout c/o Hubby Stan
8. Escort Cards / Chinese Boxes - from Paperflair, Hubby's family filled them with chocolates
9. Female Sponsors' Feather Fans - as replacement for PS bouquet. All raw materials are from Divisoria
10. Invitation - c/o Paperflair, concept c/o Fei
11. Tossing Bouquet - DIY c/o Fei, all raw materials are from Divisoria
12. Garter - c/o Emil Ocampo
13. Rosary Cord - a gift from Janice (ni Jake), a fellow W@Wie and now my kumare
14. Purple Shoes - from CMG
15. Purple Unity Candle - lavender scent from Robinsons
16. Lavender Bible - from PCBS
17. Arrhae Holder - small Baul from Divisoria
18. Unity Coins - courtesy of Beej (ni Benj), a fellow W@Wie turned friend
19. Treasure Box - medium sized Baul from Divisoria where we placed our wedding vows for the Ceremony
20. Wedding Rings - c/o Goldenhills (love them, we drop by SM Megamall branch last October 15 and they still remember us!)
21. Perfume - Burberry (i just bought it because its gold, it matches our motif hahah!)
22. Pouch - I requested Emil to make a big pouch for me and I want it in fur. Love it!
23. Gifts (Lavender Wrap) - for our Entourage
24. Wines - c/o Rachebeli, layout c/o Hubby Stan
25. Couple Bears - bears from Bear Cuddler, clothes hand-sewn by my Mom and me
26. Pillows - I don't want the traditional white pillow for the rings and arrhae so I drew a sketch of what I wanted and showed it to Emil. I am so happy with the final output.
27. Flowers - c/o Vatel Manila

There are other DIYs not included in the picture, especially those for the reception. 
I still feel giddy whenever I remember our Big Day. I can't believe we're turning 1year next month! Weeeh! :-)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank you for being my Dad...

Instead of having our (Stan and I) childhood photos, I asked John Marvi of Cinemaworks to make an AVP for my dad. He celebrated his 90th birthday exactly on our wedding day. My decade long prayer has been answered - dad walked me down the aisle and we had the father-and-daughter dance.

Thank you for being my dad. I love you so much.

Note: The persons in the video were my nephew and niece based abroad . We asked them to send a video greeting since they're the only Apos not present that day.